Millionaire CEO Tells Staff Worried About Bonus to ‘Leave Pity City’, Viral Zoom Call Sparks Anger Apextalk

MillerKnoll CEO Andi Owen's Zoom town hall with employees sparks anger. (Credits: Via Twitter/@conzmoleman)

MillerKnoll CEO Andi Owen’s Zoom town hall with employees sparks anger. (Credits: Via Twitter/@conzmoleman)

MillerKnoll CEO Andi Owen lectured her employees, who were worried about their bonuses amid a crisis, asking them to leave ‘pity city’. The viral Zoom call has sparked outrage online.

Office chair-making giant MillerKnoll’s CEO Andi Owen has sparked outrage after her Zoom call with employees started circulating online. During a financial crisis in the company and the industry in general, she was asked how employees could “stay motivated”. She started off her message with asking employees to focus on what was within their control, provide the best customer service they could and treat each other with kindness.

“Don’t ask about ‘what are we gonna do if we don’t get a bonus’. Get the damn $26 million. Spend your time and your effort thinking about the $26 million we need and not thinking about what you’re gonna do if you don’t get a bonus. Alright? Can I get some commitment for that?”

She then went on to cite an old boss of hers who told her that one could visit “pity city” but not live in it. “So people, leave pity city. Let’s get it done,” she added. As per a Vice Motherboard report, Owen received bonuses of $1.29 million in 2022 and $1.12 million in 2021. Since the company’s fiscal year isn’t over yet, bonuses- including hers- have not been handed out yet.

Regardless, Owen’s message has angered many people on Twitter, where the Zoom call has gone viral. The context provided in the tweet made by Warren Commission Test Skull, however, could be misleading.

A MillerKnoll spokesperson Kris Marubio told Motherboard that the video had been taken out of context.

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