Malaika Arora Swears By Yoga Sit-Ups, Why It Is Beneficial For Core Health Apextalk

There is no denying the fact that Malaika Arora is absolute fitness goals. (Image: Instagram)

There is no denying the fact that Malaika Arora is absolute fitness goals. (Image: Instagram)

Malaika Arora’s dedication to fitness and healthy living serves as an inspiration to many.

Yoga has become increasingly important today due to its ability to promote physical health, mental well-being, and mindfulness. Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday, Kareena Kapoor Khan and much more practice yoga regularly and promote it for a toned, fit and fab body. Diva Yoga, a health and wellness initiative by Malaika Arora, recently presented a yoga challenge for its followers, asking them to push their limits and achieve a new level. “Hello, fellow yoga practitioners. Are you ready for a yoga challenge today?

Push your limits and see what you can achieve. Let’s see how many repetitions can you do!” says the caption.

In the clip, the yoga instructor is joined by Malaika Arora, the fitness queen, herself. They are seen practising sit-ups. Yoga sit-ups are a wonderful exercise that combines the benefits of traditional sit-ups with the mindfulness and relaxation of yoga. Like traditional sit-ups, yoga sit-ups primarily target the abdominal muscles and core, helping to tone and strengthen these areas.

However, with the added benefits of yoga, this exercise also helps to improve flexibility, posture, and breathing techniques. The spinal stretch involved in yoga sit-ups can help to relieve tension and reduce the risk of back pain. For beginners, it may be helpful to use yoga props such as blocks or straps to assist with the movement. For more advanced practitioners, variations such as straight-leg sit-ups or twisting sit-ups can be added to increase the challenge and target different areas of the body.

Overall, yoga sit-ups are versatile and effective exercises that can be a great addition to any yoga or fitness routine.

In this video, she is seen performing a plank. With the clip, Malaika also added the benefit of the exercise. “Don’t underestimate the power of a good plank,” she wrote and added: “This powerful exercise will strengthen your back muscles, positively boost your mood, define your abs, improve your balance, aid in elevating back pain.”

Malaika continued that if one wants to amplify the benefits of plank, they should hold a standard plank for 30 seconds while incorporating props. “Remember to be careful while working with props or practising under the guidance of a yoga coach,” she added.

Malaika Arora is also frequently spotted at her yoga studio where she practices various forms of yoga, including aerial one.

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