Unhygienic Condition Of Bengaluru Cloud Kitchen Receives Flak; Founder Responds Apextalk

Last Updated: April 18, 2023, 12:36 IST

The founder of the kitchen refutes the claims. (credits: Reditt/u/dozing_dog)

The founder of the kitchen refutes the claims. (credits: Reditt/u/dozing_dog)

The visuals capture the commercial kitchen spaces in complete chaos and mess.

Cloud kitchens might seem like a brilliant idea for ordering food but there’s more to it than meets the eye. At least, in the case of this outlet in Bangalore. A Reddit user has exposed the unhygienic conditions of a cloud kitchen in the city, leaving many concerned. With the rise in online delivery platforms, the surge of cloud kitchens, which provide commercial space for food businesses to prepare a plethora of menu items for delivery and takeout, has also catapulted. Now, the photos showcasing the dirty conditions of a Bengaluru outlet have left many anxious and disturbed about the cleanliness factor. The visuals capture the commercial kitchen spaces in complete chaos and mess.

“Cloud kitchens are disgusting,” reads the Reddit post. Take a look at it here:

As soon as the photos surfaced online, users were quick to identify which outlet it could be. A user commented, “That looks like Kouzina? The guys who currently own Warm Oven, Kaati Zone, Slurpy Shakes, Sundae Everyday, Indiana Burgers, Dessert Zone, Cupcake Bliss, Biryani Zone, Momo Zone, and Burger Up.” According to a report by Indian Express, the founder of Kouzina Food Tech, Mahesh Madiyala, has officially responded to the online claim. He reportedly admitted that the first photo belongs to their cloud kitchen but disregarded it for being an unhygienic place.

The founder alleged the photos were manipulated by a former employee who was sacked by the company. “We operate cloud kitchens all over India and in Bengaluru, we have 16 branches. This photo is from our cloud kitchen located in Electronic City. However, the photos seem to be manipulated to show us in poor light. This seems to be the handiwork of a former employee, a hotel management graduate, who seems well-versed with Reddit,” Madiyala was quoted as saying by the publication.

He also openly challenged anyone to check out their kitchen premises claiming they conduct regular hygienic control, while also not allowing for more than two or three cuisines to be prepared in a single location.

Even though the founder has issued a clarification, Reddit users have bombarded the comment section with criticism. A section was keen for government authorities to immediately intervene and penalise people responsible for potentially harming their customers. A user wrote, “Food regulation department is a joke in India. These people need to be fined heavily and probably jailed for intentionally harming their customers.” Another joined, “Include the government officials, not only jail them and penalize them, seize their properties and debar them from ever holding a government job.”

What are your thoughts about these pictures of cloud kitchens?

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