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Indian weddings are a vibe. Grand proposal gestures, bespoke invites, larger-than-life sets, designer trousseaus and the vow of happily ever after under a starry sky. Indian weddings are big fat celebrations and believe it or not, in a post-pandemic world, they are just getting fatter. 

Reshma Ramaiah, Director, Event Planner for North & South America, Resh&Co, says,The exultant mood has returned, in post-pandemic India. The last few years saw smaller, closer-to-home weddings, borne purely out of necessity. But after being cooped up for the better part of the last 3 years, people are now itching to travel and celebrate their love in bigger, grander ways.”

“The big, fat, Indian wedding” is back… but with a twist. “By compromising on the number of guests invited, couples are instead investing on the experience for the guests—a ‘once in a lifetime’ type of experience. Weddings are becoming more elaborate, exclusive, and more destination oriented. From vineyard tours, DIY cocktail bars, personalized welcome baskets, to renting out an entire hilltop Italian village to house guests…there is no end to what your wedding can include and cost,” adds Ramaiah.

“The big, fat, Indian wedding” is back… and getting bigger and fatter in the best way. For those unversed, the Big Fat Indian Wedding has been a staple of the culture for centuries. It is a major life event that brings together an extended family and community in celebration of two lives becoming one. However, due to the rise in affluence and living standards, these once-modest events have become much more extravagant over time.

“In the past, these events were relatively simple, but now they have become extravagant spectacles of wealth. Today, Indian Wedding has become more than just a family get-together and feast. It is now a multi-day event, featuring elaborate ceremonies and receptions attended by hundreds of guests and lavishly decorated with colorful fabrics, lights, flowers, and gourmet food prepared by top chefs. Indian weddings are heavily inspired by Bollywood these days, as the film industry is known for its love of extravagance and glitz. From clothing to decorations, every element of the wedding planning process is approached with a cinematic feel,” says Ranjan Chopra, founder, Zorba. 

Role of weddings planners has grown manifold

We now have elaborate proposals, engagement parties, engagement photoshoots, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette trips, and all of this is even before the actual wedding day! Overwhelmed yet?

This is how requiring a planner has become more of a “need” than a “want”. “Planners learn all that they can from the couple—their individual personalities, interests, styles, beliefs, and non-negotiables, and draw up a game plan. What will the color theme be, do we need to import flowers, how would the bride and groom make an entry for that huge impression, what will the pre-wedding events such as mehendi and haldi look like, and what do we need for the pre and after-parties. The entire operation is run like a well-oiled machine,” opines Ramaiah. 

Destination weddings

With the easing of travel restrictions, people are now turning to destination weddings as a way to celebrate their special day. From beachfront nuptials in tropical paradises to candlelit ceremonies in castle courtyards, couples are no longer limited by location when it comes to their dream wedding. “Customization has become the new trend in weddings, allowing couples to create a unique celebration that reflects their personal style and taste. Moreover, weddings have become like ‘Managed Services’ where guests want everything to be managed by the vendor like – venue, food, decor, music, entertainment, and everything,” adds Chopra.

Chanchal Chauhan, Founder, Jim Corbett Weddingz, has personally witnessed how the Big Fat Indian Wedding has grown increasingly opulent and lavish over time as a destination wedding planner. “There seems to be no end to the extent that families are prepared to go to ensure that their children’s weddings are really unforgettable events, from opulent settings to enormous décor,” adds Chauhan.

The increase of destination weddings is one of the primary causes of the Big Fat Indian Wedding. The price of weddings has risen as more and more couples choose to exchange vows abroad. The budget for every aspect of the wedding, from the venue to the decor, has increased dramatically as a result of families being willing to spend a lot of money for an outstanding wedding experience.

“The rise of social media has also contributed to the growing trend of the Big Fat Indian Wedding. As families seek to showcase their wealth and status to the world, they are willing to spend more on creating the perfect backdrop for their social media posts. This has led to an increasing focus on photogenic elements such as floral walls, aerial shots, and intricate lighting setups,” adds Chauhan.

Remember This Fact

Even if the Big Fat Indian Wedding may be larger and fatter than ever before, it is crucial for couples and families to keep in mind that the real meaning of a wedding rests in the love and commitment that the couple shares. “As destination wedding planners, it is our job to help them strike a balance between grandeur and intimacy, and create a truly unforgettable celebration of their love,” signs off Chauhan.

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