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MONEY MANTRA RASHIFAL BY ASTROBHOOMI: Check out today’s prediction by Bhoomika Kalam, an International astrologer and tarot card reader. (Image: Shutterstock)

MONEY MANTRA RASHIFAL BY ASTROBHOOMI: Check out today’s prediction by Bhoomika Kalam, an International astrologer and tarot card reader. (Image: Shutterstock)

MONEY MANTRA RASHIFAL BY ASTROBHOOMI: The efficiency of businessmen with Virgo sun sign will increase, new orders can be received; Sagittarius must be clear in financial matters


Do not start new activity at workplace, because even after working hard, you will not get proper benefits. There is a position of profit in the business related to real estate, commission, cloth etc.

REMEDY: Offer vermilion to Lord Hanuman.


Business tasks will be completed without interruption. Any decision taken by you will be positive. There is also a possibility of getting a good deal. Youth will get proper employment opportunities. There is a position of profit in foreign related job or business.

REMEDY: There is a need to prove your ability at the workplace.


Any auspicious work will be completed today and it will give mental peace. Time is favourable. Stopped work in business will accelerate. The current work will also run smoothly. Favourable time for profession like banking, lawyer, CA. You will also perform the responsibilities of the office very well.

REMEDY: Offer water to Shivling.


Time is favourable for investment in property or shares etc. There will be great success in the business related to literature and art. You will get full benefit of hard work. The cooperation and guidance of elders and experienced persons must be taken.

REMEDY: Offer modak to Lord Ganesha.


Taking business risks will be beneficial at this time. Do not pay attention to the movements of the opponents. Any plan related to increasing business can come in hand. Important responsibility may fall on you in the job.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Vishnu.


There will be an increase in the profit of the employed person. There can be bonus or additional income. The efficiency of businessmen will increase, new orders can be received. Do not postpone any work for tomorrow. Will keep up the positive performance. Business conditions will be better.

REMEDY: Chant the Ganesha mantra.


People associated with iron work should be careful. Unexpected results can be found in the job. Increase focus on current affairs. Decide according to the circumstances in the office. The economic side will be normal. Don’t be in a hurry. Business will be normal. Control personal expenses.

REMEDY: Serve a black dog.


Avoid keeping business production related matters pending. Partnership in new business will be strong. Team spirit will remain in the office. Work and activity will increase. There will be a boom in the works related to fixed assets. Industry will be better in business.

REMEDY: Give financial help to the cowshed.


Respect professional relationships. Do important work on time. Be clear in financial matters. The employed will do well. Capacity will increase. Maintain discipline in the workplace. There will be emphasis on hard work. There is a possibility of getting positive results in business.

REMEDY: Offer kheer as bhog to Goddess Lakshmi.


The economic side will be effective. There will be enthusiasm in career-business. Career will show a boom in business. There will be activism in economic matters. There will be a sense of victory in the competition. Will focus on work in the office. Emotions will be under control.

REMEDY: Offer Dhatura to Lord Shiva.


New resources will increase in the house. There will be estrangement in the office. Don’t be in a hurry. Take positive control of your behaviour. Work will be good.

REMEDY: Offer in Lord Hanuman temple.


Will climb the stairs of success in business. The feeling of cooperation will increase. Take advantage of relationships in business matters. Work expansion will be as expected. Desired results will be achieved in career-business. Will get opportunities for performing arts.

REMEDY: Offer fans to the orphanage.

(The author Bhoomika Kalam is an International astrologer and tarot card reader. Bhoomika is founder of a science-based Astrology platform called ‘AstroBhoomi’. She was honoured with Global Peace Award.)

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